• Housing helps man find path to future

    Posted on October 16, 2012 by admin in Agency Stories, Donor Impact.

    Last fall, Jay was down on his luck.

    The business plan he was developing with his family, which he was living with, had fallen through. His family had kicked him out of the house.

    For the first time in his life, Jay found himself living in a homeless shelter.

    “I was in a really bad situation,” said Jay, who contacted Partners in Housing at the urging of a friend. “Partners allowed me a place to stay while I get my life together. I’m motivated to do better in life.”

    Only Jay’s first name is being used to protect his privacy.

    Partners in Housing, one of 15 area charities receiving grants from The Gazette–El Pomar Empty Stocking Fund, accepted Jay into its two-year program, providing him with housing, financial planning and life coaching.

    “I made sure to utilize their services to help push my life to the next level,” he said. “Self-sufficiency is the right way.”

    The program also offers services such as tutoring and therapy to its temporary housing residents.

    Last year, Partners in Housing assisted 348 locals, which it refers to as “partners.”

    A year after his stint in a homeless shelter, Jay is employed, attending college and developing a plan to start his own business.

    Paying income-based rent helps him focus on his studies and planning his future rather than working multiple jobs to make ends meet, Jay said.

    He’s now a firm believer that housing assistance can do more than put a roof over someone’s head.

    “Providing housing allows people to be able to focus on what their other major priorities are, build upon those first and eventually reach self-sufficiency,” he said.

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